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Where fashion trends quickly come and go, the tendency is to purchase often and dispose quickly. This leads to a great amount of textile being wasted in our landfills. Donating is one of the way to recycle the material that have reached the end of their life cycle. However, this doesn’t mean these items are no longer usable. All of our used clothes are originate from direct purchases in huge volume from all around the world. These are clothes obtained from highly socio-economic level of different cities of the Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and USA.

Our market

Our export destination includes Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Africa, and many more

Our mission

We aim to raise awareness of recycling benefits for both environment and facing together with the value added to the green industry products through using the recycled garments. We would like to create a better world for our next generation through recycled our used garments, and make no waste on all the resources on earth.

Our people

With over 200 highly trained & skilful workers in our company, we ensure our products are always in its best conditions before packaging. Every product are subject to a triple-layer quality check for assurance of qualitative results at all times


We build the trust by providing the best quality of used cloth from our perfect sorting and inspection system.

Imported Raw Material

Sorting Process

Quality Checking

Repairing Process

Packing Process

Finish Product Ready to Export